Who Wrote The Book Of Hebrews [2]

Thursday 12th March 2020 Devotion

Scripture:- Hebrews 11:1-40

Topic:- Who Wrote The Book Of Hebrews [2]

Text:- Hebrews 13:23

C. If Paul didn’t write the letter, who did?:
1. The most plausible suggestion is that this was actually a sermon Paul gave and it was transcribed later by Luke, a person who would have had the command of the Greek language which the writer shows.
2. Barnabas is another likely prospect, since he was a Levite and would have been speaking on a subject that he knew much about.
3. Martin Luther suggested Apollos, since he would have had the education the writer of this letter must have had.
4. Priscilla and Clement of Rome have been suggested by other scholars.
5. However, there is still much evidence that Paul wrote the letter. The most compelling comes from Scripture itself. Remember that Peter wrote to the Hebrews (that is, the Jews; see Galatians 2:7 , 9 and 1 Peter 1:1 ). Peter wrote: “…just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him” (2 Peter 3:15 ). In that last verse, Peter is confirming that Paul had also written a letter to the Hebrews!
6. The theology presented in Hebrews is consistent with Paul’s. Paul was a proponent of salvation by faith alone (Ephesians 2:8 , 9 ), and that message is strongly communicated in this Epistle ( Hebrews 4:2 , 6:12 , 10:19-22 , 10:37-39 , and 11:1-40 ).
7. Either Paul wrote the epistle, or the writer was trained by Paul. Although it is a small detail, this epistle makes mention of Timothy (Hebrews 13:23 ), and Paul is the only Apostle known to have ever done that in any letter.

D. So, who actually wrote Hebrews?:
1. The letter fills a needed space in Scripture and both outlines our faith and defines faith itself in the same way that Romans defines the tenets of Christian living.
2. It closes the chapters of faith alone and serves as a prelude to the chapters on good works built on a foundation of faith in God. In short, this book belongs in the Bible.
3. Therefore, its human author is unimportant. What is important is to treat the book as inspired Scripture as defined in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 .
4. The Holy Spirit was the divine author of Hebrews, and of all Scripture, even though we don’t know who put the physical pen to the physical paper and traced the words.

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, make me a tool in Your hand for Your use henceforth by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have A Glorious Thursday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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