Prophecy During The 44th Annual Lawna International Virtual Convention On Tuesday 27th October 2020

Tuesday 3rd November 2020 Devotion
Scripture:- Matthew 7:24-29
Topic:- Prophecy During The 44th Annual Lawna International Virtual Convention On Tuesday 27th October 2020 At 9a.m.
Through:- Pastor J.O. Olayemi, Somolu Area Prophet

Hearken unto the voice of your Lord God, ye that I have bought with My precious blood, said the Lord.
I have loved you with everlasting love. I have gathered you into My presence that I might make known to you that which is My perfect will for My Church, said the Lord.
I therefore say to you all that are hearing and all you that cannot but hear on the Mount, take them, cherish them and keep them, to live by it.
Because this is end time, this is end time, this is end time; and you need them for your journey that you may make My Kingdom, said the Lord.
It is My will that you begin to cherish My doctrine, My doctrine, more than before. I say practice My doctrine so as to change the world of your time; said the Lord.
All the troubles, all unrest, all fears, inability to sleep (sleeplessness); it is as a result of lack of My doctrine to dominate your Nation and My Church as I expected of you, said the Lord.
It is My will that My Church should arise and lift up the banner of My gospel more than before.
And the teaching of My doctrine in all your means of communication so as to send My peace into the world because that is the only avenue remaining for peace, (to reign supreme), said the Lord.
I call upon My Church to receive My comfort in the world of brutality.
I call upon My Church to receive consolation in the world of hurt and wounds.
And it is My will to let you all that believe in Me know that I promise to be with you always.
And that as the sun of this year, as the sun of this year of brutality and wounds is about to set, no evil shall be the portion of anyone that gives their lives unto Me, any longer.
It is My will that you keep on praying and you follow the directives of the Watchman.
The Watchman says all ye in the Glorious Vision do not move by night as the sun of this year is about to set: avoid night movement.
The Watchman says let My servants in your various Assemblies always pray for you before you embark on any journey.
The Watchman says be faithful to your tithe, be faithful to your tithe, because the spirit of poverty will be rampant (prevalent) in the days ahead.
The Watchman says be faithful to sow seed as I have sent My servant to you, and it has been communicated by their circular.
Be faithful to sow your seeds in the three months as I have directed them.
Because snatchers, and armed robbery will be rampant in the days ahead, said the Lord.
But as many of you that follow and listen to what My Holy Spirit is telling the Church, your testimony, your testimony and your counting of your blessing will be greater, will be greater than the evil of the day, said the Lord.
This is the voice of your Redeemer unto those who have goodness to celebrate before the end of this year.
It is My will you separate (yourself in) three-day of prayer and fasting in your families before your celebration day; it is for your defense, and it is for your success, said the Lord.
It is My will that My servant, my servant the LAWNA Territorial Chairman of the Great Vision declare one day of fasting on the first of December the last month of the year, said the Lord.
My servant, the captain of the host in the Territory to declare one day of prayer and fasting throughout the Territory on first December.
And let My people assemble in each District center, for prayer and for laying hand upon them all to pilot them into the new year; for My divine protection; and in the midst of the cloud.
Yea, testimonies, great things, testimonies; great things shall be the celebration of My people, said the Lord.
The Watchman calls upon all the youths in this Vision, embrace My doctrine; embrace My doctrine in this Vision.
Because of the days ahead; embrace My doctrine; and be patient, be patient, be patient for your time, be patient for your future, be patient, be patient, be patient, yea, be patient for the days ahead; be patient.
I call upon the youth; be patient, the running legs, the hasty leg be patient, be patient, be patient; because of the days ahead, be patient.
Because I Am God of appropriate time. Learn from the elderly, learn from the elderly, learn from the elderly. Learn, learn, learn, yea be patient to learn. Rushing may be greatly dangerous.
As I have said let there be celebration on this Mount on Sunday. Let there be great celebration, let there be great celebration, let there be great celebration, there be great celebration.
Let there be great thanksgiving. And My servant will read. Duet.28:1-13: Bless My people from the Scripture, bless My people from the scripture, bless My people from the scripture on that day: bless My people, bless My people, and all their losses, all their wastage, all that canker worms had eaten shall be restored unto them.
All the wounded hearts shall be healed, and there shall be joy, restoration in the land.
Thus said the Lord God of hosts.

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, fulfill Your Words unto me as I obey You henceforth, in the name of Jesus Christ

Have A Nice Tuesday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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