What Is Happening To My Generation

Sunday 25th October 2020 Devotion
Scripture:- Acts 16:1-40
Topic:- What Is Happening To My Generation
Text:- Psalm 69:9

Sir, a British woman recently got married to a dog, and nothing moved you?
A woman divorced her husband and got married to their son, and you say I should not cry?
Gay marriage is legalized in 85% of countries in the world, and you think all is well?
Young girls are giving birth at the age of 15 without knowing the owners, and you are comfortable?
A man impregnated his daughter, and you see nothing wrong about it?
Some men now prefer to have sex with animals, while some women now prefer to have sex with artificial objects, MY GOD! WHAT IS GOING ON?
Scientists have succeeded in carrying out a surgical research that will cause men to give birth through their manhood.
Anal sex education has been introduced into many institutions, and some women now prefer to breast feed animals!
Go to some Churches you will weep. People are touching Prophet’s manhood to get healing.
Some are eating green grass for a miracle to take place in their lives.
Many see their General Overseer as their ”God!”
Politicians are taking higher position in the Church. If you don’t sow seed, the Lord will not bless you!” Is how they rob Church members today.
They teach sinners faith and prayer without salvation and sanctification.
Anointing service without redemption. Revival without holiness.
Some women now sew their dress and cut off the back, and if you dare correct them, their reply is, “Grace has covered everything.”
They clothe themselves in rags and are happy in it… No wonder the Bible says, “Their righteousness is as filthy rags.”
A 14year old girl who was demon possessed said, Lucifer gave her a mandate to bring 10,000 souls to hell. As at the point of that deliverance, she had won 4,000 souls for satan. But to the glory of God, her deliverance aborted the satanic mandate.
But, if a little girl can win 4,000 souls for satan who did not die for her, what about you whom Jesus died for?
When are you going to carry this burden for souls?
If you truly love Jesus, you will not ignore those souls in your environment. See Psalms 69:9.
A man’s hunger. This man was a king but he was not after fame, money, or wealth, but he was after God.
He was a king ooo he had the power to do anything but he was madly in love with God.
Oh Lord, what did you do to this man? What did he saw that I haven’t seen yet?
How can a man enter such a realm of hunger this way that he could say, “When others insult you, they insulted me too.”
If you don’t have such hunger for God like David, there are dimension of God you will never see till death.
No wonder he saw the coronation of Israel which no other Prophets saw.
Friends, we need to DIE!!! If only you had died, you won’t be struggling to obey God.
If only you had died, you won’t be fornicating. If only you had died, you won’t be lying. If only you had died, you won’t be living double lives. If only you had died, you won’t have love for vain things.
If you had ever seen a dead man, you will agree with me that he does not respond to natural things again.
Everything natural has nothing to do with a dead man, only the spirit realm engages the dead man.
So how do we say we are dead to sin when our impulses are responding to it?
How can we say we’re speaking in tongues when we cannot remember the last time we opened our Bibles and preached to someone?
How can we say we are born again and our hearts cannot respond to souls of dying men?
Aahh!! How dead are you really? How much have you died for Christ? See Acts 17:28.
When you live in Him, move in Him, and have your being in Him, what life do you have left for yourself?
Child of God, until you die, you cannot see God. Being dead means being alive in him.
Give up that pleasure. Give up that lust. Give up that quest for fame. Give up that appetite for recognition. Give up that hunger to satisfy flesh. Give up that passion for sin. Give up everything. Give up YOU!
Please wake up sir. Please wake up ma. Please wake up Pastor!
Our generation is dying. Our generation has forgotten the sacrifice Jesus did on the cross. Our generation have forsaken their maker. Our generation is ignoring the blood of Jesus. Our generation is nailing Christ again.
No wonder the Bible says, “They are taken for a prey and none saith restore.”
Aahh! The Lord is on the way coming, how ready are you? Friends, we need to examine ourselves for the last day is coming. The Lord is on the way coming, how ready are you?
A day is coming when JUDGEMENT will replace MERCY. Hell is real, heaven is real. There’s no in-between. WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY, IN HEAVEN OR IN HELL?

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, I have determined to spend the eternity with You in heaven, help me by Your grace and fire henceforth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy Lord’s Day!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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