The Prophetical Ministration Through Pastor J.A. Olabiyi During The 1st Day Of The Year Special Service At Lawna International Convention Grounds Olorunda Ketu, Lagos Nigeria On 1st January 2020

Friday 10th January 2019 Devotion

Scripture:- Joel 2:1-27

Topic:- The Prophetical Ministration Through Pastor J.A. Olabiyi During The 1st Day Of The Year Special Service At Lawna International Convention Grounds Olorunda Ketu, Lagos Nigeria On 1st January 2020

Text:- Joel 2:21

Hearken unto My voice ye the children of Most High God, I am the Lord your maker who made you and redeemed you from the woeful world saith the Lord.
I am always with you as your Advocate delivering from all accusation of Satan. As I have said so I have done, didn’t I deliver you? I am still fighting for you and I will continue fighting your battles because I am your Saviour.
I have seen your endurance to receive from Me; Yea I will not waste your time, I will give unto you, as Omnipotent God, Who has power to deliver.
But, before giving the Motto listen, hear this instruction, saith the Lord. In the year you are, yea it’s a dark year, saith the Lord.
But has it not been written, I am the light shining in the darkness, and the darkness cannot prevail over Me, saith the Lord. Just continue singing take control, take control, my Redeemer take control, saith the Lord.
I want everyone called by my name to dedicate theirself to Me in the year. I want those who are hypocrites to change and turn unto Me, saith the Lord. I want the thieves in my Church, both Servants and the Officers to change/3x; and stop stealing otherwise things will be hard for them, saith the Lord.
Furthermore, those some of the fathers’ wives who have made themselves controllers and governors in my Church, stop it: for peace and their salvations; that is why I am saying this. For the wicked, practising wickedness in my Church which I redeemed with my Blood, saith the Lord; Hear me, I love you: why should you die? Saith the Lord.

Among the Youths both Boys and Girls has received the spirit of fornication, stop it, stop it; I love you, stop it; why should you die?
My doctrine in the year, you are to be seriously emphasized; thoroughly teach them, so that they be grounded in that that has been prepared for their glorious eternity. I want you to do this, to change them from Church worshippers to my Disciples, saith the Lord.
Some are looking at those things that happen in other denominations, they want to be a ceremonial Christian, and this is not my will for them.
I want the year to be a battling year, devote yourselves, as you have heard, with prayer and fasting, believing that I have heard you and I will hear you, saith the Lord.
The Year/2x as you have heard is a year of harvest, go and preach the gospel; go testify to what I have done for you; there you receive power to work for Me, saith the Lord. If you gather praying without going the power will not come; but go, I will send you power to deliver those in bondage.
I will give you power over satan; no power will be able to stand against you, saith the Lord. As you go I will send my power of Revival if you obey me, saith the Lord.
You have to pray, remember, rebuke, fire disaster which will come on this Nation and from the Nation around you to this Nation, rebuke, rebuke, for you will witness it, saith the Lord. I want you to rebuke, the power that will torment people in some areas in the Nation as a disease; very, very hot, like oven, but I will take control; you have no part in it, saith the Lord.

Some oceans have been opened, for water to carry many goods away but you will not share in it, saith the Lord.
The people in some Companies, they have stolen from the Companies, they will want fire to burn down the Companies. I have set my mark on you, and on your properties, fire will not burn you, saith the Lord.
I want your faithfulness stop your hypocritical attitude, be holy, be holy, be holy; my eyes are on everyone. I am Holy, if you are mine, be Holy too, saith the Lord.
Let there be a day separated, declared in all my Churches for the Youth to pray and dedicate their lives unto Me, because of what I have for them in the Nation in the year you are, saith the Lord.
There is an arrangement going on for the Young ones, they are recruiting themselves, training them on how to use ammunitions for robbery. I have seen them, I am preparing for them; don’t join them/3x, it is dangerous.
All the killers in the Nation, hear o ye my children, I have put them into bondage; if they try to kill they will kill themselves.

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, as You declared year 2020 a year of doing new things, settled me by doing new things in my life as from now by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy Weekend!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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