The Drought Caused By Elijah

Wednesday 8th May 2019 Prayer Devotion

Scripture Reading:- Job 22:23-30

Topic:- The Drought Caused By Elijah

Text:- 1 Kings 17:1

Elijah appears abruptly on the scene of history to announce to King Ahab that God had determined to avenge the Apostasy of Israel and her King by bringing a long drought on the land that should not cease until he gave the word.
Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word.” See 1 Kings 17:1.
And the wonder happened! For complete 3½years, the drought stayed. This we can call the first miracle performed by Elijah, the Man of God, the Man of Fire!
You too can experience the same miracle in your life by commanding the evil situations you are passing through to cease. See Job 22:28.

Prayer Points:-
1. I command every spirit and action of apostasy working in my life, die and disappear now by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.
2. I command every drought in my life, in my family and my finance, disappear by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.
3. I refuse to offend God, oh Lord God, help me never to offend you, in the name of Jesus Christ.
4. The evil I’m experiencing because of what my parents have done in the past, cease now by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.
5. Oh Lord God, rain upon me Your blessings, and supply all my need according to Your riches in glory henceforth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Beloved! Today is the 4th day of T.A.C.N. Ijebu Ode Area 40days of Prayer and Fasting Revival. You can still get a copy of the book produced for it at Apostolic Book Shop, Olorunda-Ketu, Lagos or Call Elder Equere @ Abuja: 08036590077; Presiding Elder Akingbade @ Ojoo-Ibadan: 08038530922; Pastor Tim Ogundele-Jesu: 08033016351 or E-mail to this box for the soft copy:

Happy Mid-Week!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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