Stop Making The Devil Famous

Stop Making The Devil Famous

Sunday 6th June 2021 Devotion
Scripture:- Acts 8:8-24
Topic:- Stop Making The Devil Famous
Text:- John 10:10

“The Devil is a liar” His wife shouted as she tried to start the car engine.

“How is the devil a liar? What has the devil done this time again?” He asked his wife as he sat on the co-driver seat. She was to drive that day.

“Well, we have run out of fuel and we need to get to the Church event quickly.

I am preaching today and the devil is trying to frustrate me.

I rebuke it! The devil is a liar” she said then quoted some Bible verses.

He laughed and looked to the side.

“Why are you laughing?” She asked turning to face him.

“Why are you making the Devil famous?” He asked her.

She looked at him surprised. Giving him that Spiritual face.

“My love, the devil is not to blame for the low gasoline, we are to be blamed.

You forgot to go to the Petrol station yesterday after the visit from your Dad. You are giving the Devil too much credit.

When a thing goes wrong it is not always the Devil’s fault. He is not that powerful.

Many times it is just a matter of poor human decisions and laziness,” he said.

She looked at him intently. Silence.

He smiled and continued, “Yes honey, like the day we were struggling financially, that wasn’t the Devil plotting against us.

It was just us who were making a mess and not making good financial decisions.

We were borrowing too much, spending too much, and living above our means.

Once we got more disciplined, we attracted wealth. Look at us now, we were able to buy a new car and we’ve built our own home.”

She unbuckled her seat belt and listened to her husband.

“When we were struggling to raise our teenage daughter, it wasn’t the Devil who was messing our family.

It was us as parents who didn’t take time to understand how to raise a teenager.

We didn’t listen to her, we were talking down at her demanding respect and believing that since we love God she will follow the line.

Once we went for the parent’s disciplines training and we learned the strategy on how to raise a teenager, our relationship with our daughter has improved.

She even tells us she loves us these days, she hugs you, takes us out for lunch occasionally,” he continued.

She took in a deep breath and released.

“When I applied for that job that I wanted so much, we prayed and prayed about it.

But the truth is, I didn’t get the job, not because of the Devil as we used to say; but because I wasn’t qualified.

The most qualified person got the job. I wasn’t blessed by it, but God blessed another who was more qualified with it.

And look how things turned out. Because I didn’t get the job, I ventured into business and look at how successful I have been,” he told her.

She put out a smile. “When our marriage was going through difficulty and we used to say that the Devil has cursed us, we used to think whether we were carrying generational curses since both our parent’s marriages failed.

We were wrong. The moment we put effort to better our communication and to spend more quality time together, our marriage improved,” he said looking at her smile.

“When we had a car accident. That wasn’t the Devil as we used to say ‘God forbid.

That was my fault, my recklessness in driving while exhausted, battling on the steering. It was a bad choice, not the Devil.

Many Christians are used to blaming the Devil thereby shifting responsibility from themselves.

They don’t work on their mess and much of what they do is say the Devil is at work.

Many marriages are failing, not because the Devil is this powerful being succeeding but because they failed to take responsibility for their faults; but because of laziness, irresponsibility, and indecision by the couple.

So, Sweetheart, we will not make the Devil famous.

We will declare more about God’s goodness and be good stewards of our blessings.

We will not live in fear thinking the Devil is coming for us yet we have God on our side to protect us.

We will take responsibility. When we fail to do something, we will take our responsibility and do better,” he spoke further.

“Have I ever told you how much I admire you my amazing husband?” she asked him.

He smiled and said, “You can tell me one more time.”

She kissed him and said, “I love you. Honey, let’s find Kehkeh to get to Church.

We don’t have much time. The sermon I am going to preach has changed.

I will preach on exactly what I have learned from you: Stop making the Devil famous.

No more giving the Enemy that has been defeated free publicity.”

There, that day in Service she preached on the Topic ” STOP MAKING THE DEVIL FAMOUS” as the husband listened.

Many times people refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes but shift blame and make the devil famous for nothing.

Prayer Point:-
I refuse henceforth in making the devil famous again in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy Lord’s Day!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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