Second Chance Restoration Of Glory

Friday 8th March 2019 Prayer Devotion

Scripture Reading:- Exodus 33:1-23

Topic:- Second Chance Restoration Of Glory

Text:- Exodus 20:7

There is an adage that says, “Opportunity comes but once.” While another one says, “Once opportunity lost, it can never be regained.”
All those adage are human, and it is not Divine. Take for instance, the man Moses, the situation surrounding his life in Egypt:

A. He was born and brought up in Egypt when other children of the same age of the Israelites were being killed at the order of Pharaoh. See Exodus 1:22-2:10.

B. He killed an Egyptian and as a result ran out of Egypt. See Exodus 2:11-15.

C. He lost the chance of staying in Egypt but for God’s divine intervention, he would have been killed. See Exodus 2:16-23.

D. While he was taking care of his father-in-law’s cattle’s  in Median, God appeared to him in a flame of fire, and commissioned him to be the leader who would deliver the Israelites from Egypt. See Exodus 3

E. Eventually, Moses rejected God’s offer but God insisted on using him, and gave him another chance of Glory. See Exodus 4:16, 20:7.

F. Moses would have missed the second chance of Glory here, but God helped him. He was commissioned by God to lead His people, and this same God enabled him to lead successfully for forty years. See Exodus 5-32.

G. He also lost that 2nd chance restoration of glory too, but was given another chance. See Exodus 33:9-23; 34:27-35.

H. Lost this also, and was declared unfit to enter Jerusalem/Israel. See Deuteronomy 32:42-52.

I. He was finally given another chance of restoration of glory to enter the promised land. See Jude 9; Matthew 17:1-4.
Have you fallen before? You still have a second chance. Call upon Him, He will give you your own second chance of glory, if you repented of the first failed chance.

Prayer Points:-
1. Oh God, I have neglected you for long, please come to my rescue forgive and cleanse me, in the name of Jesus Christ.
2. I trust that you can give me another opportunity, I claim it now, in the name of Jesus Christ.
3. Oh God of second chance, give me another better chance to make it shine therein, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy Weekend!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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