Revelation By Pastor Howard-Browne Concerning COVID19 [2]

Wednesday 15th April 2020 Devotion

Scripture:- Psalm 91:1-16

Topic:- Revelation By Pastor Howard-Browne Concerning COVID19 [2]

Text:- Psalm 91:7

Corona virus has been in America since last year. I saw a request from the Center for Disease Control about hiring people in quarantined medical facilities in 19 major US cities.
The request was made in November 2019. This is all fraud and a means of control by which they want to reduce the population.
What is written in the book of Revelation is printed. Globalists lead us to a single government, a single monetary system and the coming of antichrist. And I believe that God raised Trump to suspend it.
There are three possible scenarios. The first is the beginning of the last days according to the book of Revelation. But I am inclined to believe that this is a great test.
Second, the World Health Organization will try to promote the globalist plan and force everyone to make a fake vaccine. The vaccine is already there.
And they will kill a lot of people with their vaccine (just like people die from a flu vaccine), because the goal of the vaccine is to reduce the world’s population.
And the third scenario, which I am inclined to, is that God will overturn all this on the heads of globalists, using President Trump, and will close it all over the next month. And all that they planned will come to zero.
This is what we will pray for – that God will drive the wheels out of the chariots of the Pharaoh. Within a week or two, I will find out if the third scenario is accurate, and I’ll let you know.

At the moment, I do not advise people to fly to other countries, because changes may happen in the next couple of weeks. I encourage everyone to stock up on water and food until the end of April.
And I will be storing food for our Church, because I have to take care of the Church. I want you to know that the Church is for you, and here you can feel protected. I don’t know how crazy the next two to three weeks will be, but you don’t get crazy.
Stay strong in the Lord, remembering that He will never leave you. There is peace in my heart. At the heart of my assistant Eric is peace. This is the time when we will see cities and nations shocked by the glory of God. This is harvest time.
This is not a time of religion and playing a warm Church, it is a time of radicals – such as Elisha, Elijah, Paul … And this is also the time when you take away the wealth of this world. This is the time of the transfer of wealth into the hands of God’s children.
I forbid all fear in your lives! Stop listening to lying media! You can choose to listen to the media and scamper in fear, like hens that have their heads chopped off, or stand on God’s word, which will keep its people at this time.
When Doctors say that they cannot do anything, when Bankers say that they cannot do anything, when heads of administrations say that they cannot do anything, God comes to the very middle of the impossible!”

Prayer Point:- I refuse to be a sacrifice for the evil going round the world, I will not die but live to declare the glory of God on earth henceforth by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy Mid-Week!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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