Reasons Why Jesus Wrote On The Ground [2]

Tuesday 17th September 2019 Prayer Devotion.

Scripture Reading:- John 8:1-11

Topic:- Reasons Why Jesus Wrote On The Ground [2]

Text:- John 8:8

B. Reasons to show you how futile the Law of Moses is in terms of changing human behavior.”
1. Moses was so angry that they had fallen so quickly back into sin that he threw the stone tablets down with such violence that he smashed the stone tablets. So Moses was the first man to break all ten commandments. So much for this great Prophet that the religious leaders were claiming as their final authority. See Exodus 32:19.
2. When rock breaks and crumbles it turns into smaller and smaller pieces thanks to wind, rain and weather, until the fine rock pieces end up as ground. Ground or soil is simply weathered rock. The sketch above illustrates how solid rock eventually crumbles into fine particles of ground.
3. Moses demonstrated the failure of the Law, turning the stone tablets into shattered pieces that would then crumble to form ground.
4. Writing the Law onto stone was thus illustrated as being actually a wasted effort. It would not improve people’s behavior. They would merely break the ten commandments.
5. Jesus then in effect says that, “As the Son of God I write the ten commandments in the ground where they will also do no good as the writing will not last.”
6. We humans are too sinful to obey a set of sensible and helpful laws. We even kill ourselves on the roads because of our refusal to obey sensible traffic rules like speed limits and stop signs.
7. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. The woman had broken one commandment. They claimed authority from Moses to kill her. Yet Moses himself had broken all the commandments. And God had not killed Moses. John 8:7.
8. Jesus then said that only a sinless person had permission to throw the first stone. But they had all sinned. As have all humans. So how could a group of sinful men be justified in killing a sinful woman? The pot was calling the kettle black.
9. The reason that Moses got so angry was because the Jews has persuaded their first high Priest Aaron to give them permission for a naked orgy. And when Moses saw that the people were naked, for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies. See Exodus 32:25.
10. The accused woman had been naked when committing adultery. But that was exactly what the Jews had all been doing when they first received the Law. So the Law had never changed human nature. The desire to sin burned strongly in human hearts. See John 8:8.
11. And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. The very strange repetition of His first action. The men were leaving, defeated. There was thus no human reason for writing again in the ground.
12. Jesus had totally demolished them and they had no option but to leave. But having won the case, Jesus again began to write on the ground. He was repeating this futile exercise. Why? Because writing the ten commandments in stone never changed anyone for the better and equally, writing the ten commandments in the ground would never change anyone either.

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, help me not to put You in test nor failed You henceforth by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have A Wonderful Tuesday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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