How Do I Tell My Wife That I Lost My Testis On Campus

How Do I Tell My Wife That I Lost My Testis On Campus

Saturday 24th April 2021 Devotion
Scripture:- 1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Topic:- How Do I Tell My Wife That I Lost My Testis On Campus
Text:- 1 Corinthians 13:13

I have Mr. and Mrs. Jonathans’ permission to share their true-life stories with you and to help you learn from their experiences.

He was in his late 40’s while his wife was in her early 40’s.

Both of them walked in inside my consulting room looking dejected, out of this world.

With his head bowed, Mr. Jonathan told me, “Doctor, it is now 15 years of marriage, no child, not even a miscarriage from morning till evening.

I am about to give up when a friend told me to talk to you that you may be able to help.

I looked at Mrs. Jonathan same frustrated look. I knew the couple had been through a lot.

I took over the depressing atmosphere in the consulting room.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan, I perfectly understand what both of you are going through and I feel your pains.

Now, let us do this consultation this way.

I will see each of you one by one first then I will see two of you together as a couple. Is it okay by you?”. Yes, Doctor.

Echoed together by two of them. “See my wife first Doctor, I will be outside,” said Mr. Jonathan as he took his leave to stay outside the consulting room.

Mrs. Jonathan, you are welcome once again. It must have been so difficult for you for the past 15 years of tying the knots but trying your best to have your own child.

I empathized with her. She burst into tears.

Doctor, I am the cause of my own problem.

Doctor, I had been pregnant before 3 times for different boyfriends when I was on campus but I removed them because I was not ready.

Here am I Doctor, since I got married I have never been pregnant for one day.

I am reaping the fruits of my wickedness. Sobbing deeply.

I consoled her. Further asked her, “Is Mr. Jonathan aware of this?” “Doctor No, please and don’t tell him.

He will divorce me and hold me responsible for our infertility problems.” She said.

Mrs. Jonathan, are these your fears? What if I can help you handle the disclosure through counseling of both of you and everything goes smoothly?

She was skeptical at first after more counseling she agreed I should tell her husband for the first time in 15 years. I finished with her and she stepped outside.

Mr. Jonathan came in. I equally shared in his pain and appealed to him to please tell me everything about his journey in life and much more about his sexual life from his first sexual experience up to date.

Has he ever impregnated any woman before?

He looked down with his head bowed with tears rolling down his cheeks, he said, “Doctor, it is youthful exuberance that brought me this pain of childlessness in life.”

Tell me more about that Mr. Jonathan”. He said doctor I impregnated my 2 girlfriends on campus. Both were aborted.”

He cried more like he was about to tell me something more painful and deeper.

He said, “Doctor can I confide in you? Can you promise me you will not tell my wife?”

I said I will see what I can do please go ahead.

I lost my right testis when I thought I was enjoying my life on campus.

I was having fun with one of my girlfriends when I felt a sudden pain in my scrotum.

I was rushed to the Hospital by my friends when the pain was becoming too excruciating.

Then Doctor said, my RIGHT TESTIS had TWISTED in the course of the fun I was having.

He called it in medical terms RIGHT TESTICULAR TORSION.

I was operated and my right testis was removed. So since then I never impregnated any woman up till now.

Is your wife aware of this Mr. Jonathan? “I asked, “Doctor how do I tell my wife I have lost one of my tests on campus? She would not agree to marry me.”

Then I counseled him concerning disclosure to his wife.

It is always good for a couple to know every important information about each other, the battle is half won if there is no secret.

I appealed to him. After much counseling and persuasion, he too agreed to a disclosure of his secret to his wife.

I called in the two of them together as a couple and I encouraged two of them to tell each other the secrets they had kept from each other for 15 years.

They did. There was a loud silence in the room. Reality shook two of them.

I kept hearing from two of them. This is serious o and you never told me before we got married.”

After allowing them to react and accept the new realities. I counselled them to forgive each other and on the way forward.

They forgave each other in tears. Then I ordered all the necessary tests for the two of them.

Mr. Jonathan was confirmed to be having a low sperm count while the two tubes of Mrs. Jonathan had blocked from infections and abortions from the previous unprotected funs she had on campus.

The two problems causing their infertility can be traced back to their past youthful lives on campus.

Fast forward, I counselled them both for IVF as time was no longer on their side and given the diagnoses of two of them. They both agreed.l

Who said, God, is not forgiving and merciful?

In no time at all Mrs. Jonathan conceived quadruplet, two girls and two boys.

She had CS to deliver them. Then joy returned to their home and faces.

The day they came to show me their 4 babies after naming, I asked them what was the greatest lesson they had learned from all their delay and suffering from infertility.

Both of them concurred that keeping a secret from your spouse is like keeping yourself in the valley of darkness and dilemma.

As they left my consulting room that day, many lessons kept running through my mind one after the other.

Below let me share them with you:
Lesson Number 1:

Youth, fear God in your days of youthfulness. You think you are having fun now on campus engaging in premarital sex, abortions, partying, smoking, cultism, e.t.c. You are not enjoying, you are destroying your future and your life. Only time will tell.

Lesson Number 2:

Don’t keep any secrets from your life partner. Anybody who will make a great decision as important as sharing the rest of his or her entire life with you deserves the whole truth.

By keeping secret from your life partner it is yourself you are doing great damage.

Lesson Number 3:

Learn to forgive your partner no matter their past sinful secrets they kept from you.

Divorce should not be the next option. Out of the broken pieces of two of your’s lives, God can still build an edifice of hope.

Prayer Point:-
Oh Lord God, make my marriage a heaven on earth henceforth by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have A  Wonderful Saturday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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