Guardian Angels [2]

Tuesday 7th July 2020 Devotion
Scripture:- Matthew 18:1-11
Topic:- Guardian Angels [2]
Text:- Matthew 18:10

  1. Asking Guardian Angels for Help Gives Them the Freedom to Help More:
    Angels, especially guardian Angels, are always buzzing around, looking for ways to make your earthly journey more interesting, dynamic and satisfying.
    So even people who never pray, or never ask Angels for assistance, are constantly benefiting from angelic intervention. Guardian Angels, invited or not, will certainly show up for those pivotal moments in your life, as well as all the little moments in between.
    However, humans are powerful spiritual beings, and thus have been granted free will so that we can make many of the decisions about our earthly journey.
    One of the most significant decisions we can make is to interact more with our guardian Angels. This is as simple as briefly and informally addressing them in your thoughts, prayers or journal.
    When you ask guardian Angels to intervene and help you with something specific, it gives them more leeway to assist you. That is because Angels will, almost always, honor your free-will choices—unless they know your free-will choice will be very detrimental to you or others, or be a major detour away from your highest good.
  2. Guardian Angels Chose You:
    Part of the reason guardian angels are so devoted to you is because they chose you. The vow your guardian angels took to stand by your side and guide you through life was a very sacred one made with heaven and Spirit itself as witness.
    While guardian angels feel a strong sense of duty toward their charges, really their devotion is based on pure love. Angels have a rare capacity for love, and guardian angels decided to pour their love onto you and your life because they respect, and sometimes share an affinity with, your soul.
    Imagine a bunch of adorable puppies in the window of a pet store. They are crawling all over each other, wagging their tails and being super cute. Even though each animal is sweet, usually one puppy in particular will seem to call your name and tug at your heart. The same thing happened when your guardian angels saw you. They fell in love and couldn’t resist taking you home!
  3. Guardian Angels Know You Better Than Anyone:
    Guardian Angels have been with you since before you were born, when you were a soul floating around in heaven. Therefore they know you extremely well, because they know the “real” you, not just the culture, time period and physical body you are working with now.
    If the concept of past lives resonates with you, it is possible that your guardian Angels have been with you during several of your past journeys on earth too.
    Guardian Angels are very close to Spirit, so they have access to all the destinations and experiences and relationships Spirit planned out for you on earth, which you might think of as your soul coordinates. Guardian Angels also know what you came to earth to learn and teach.
    Most of all, guardian Angels can see straight into your heart. So they are privy to your deepest desires and your most troubling fears.
  4. Guardian Angels Are With You Through Thick And Thin:
    Angels will never abandon you, and guardian angels especially stick closely by your side. In times of crisis—whether you are in the hospital, in court, in despair or in a jail cell—your guardian angels will be faithfully supporting and loving you. Guardian Angels are nearer than ever when you are in need.
    Unlike humans, guardian Angels do not judge. They see all our mistakes for what they are—just mistakes. Guardian Angels know humans are fallible and that we are often doing the best we can. And when we aren’t at our best, or perhaps do something terrible, a guardian Angel’s forgiveness is like that of Spirit—unconditional. You don’t have to earn a guardian Angel’s eternal love—it is given freely and it is your birthright.
  5. You Have More Than One Guardian Angel:
    Popular culture often depicts guardian Angels as being on a solo mission, but in fact everyone has more than one guardian angel. The number of guardian Angels assigned to you depends upon your life circumstances and your soul’s goals. But three or four is a common number of guardian Angels for one human.
    Guardian Angels each have their own unique personality, just like humans. After working with your guardian Angels closely you can begin to discern their personalities.
    A guardian Angel might be, for example, playful, protective, sensitive, wise, creative, humble, serious, gentle, funny, strong, flamboyant or any combination of these and many other traits.

Prayer Point:- I command my guardian Angels to be more effective and spiritually stronger than before in all my quest henceforth by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have A Wonderful Tuesday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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