Prophetical Ministration During 44th Annual Lawna International Virtual Convention On Thursday 29th October 2020

Thursday 5th November 2020 Devotion
Topic:- Prophetical Ministration During 44th Annual Lawna International Virtual Convention On Thursday 29th October 2020 At 9a.m.
Through:- Pastor P.S. Oluwasekan Surulere Area Prophet

I Am the Lord, the Creator and the Owner of All that exist under the sun, said the Lord.
It pleases me this day to address you as My children, whom I came to die for, said the Lord.
It’s My will to let you know some of the reasons why this theme is given unto you as a denomination, said the Lord.
For I have discovered, the dryness of my word in your midst as a Church, I also discovered the famine and scarcity of My doctrine in your Nation as a Country, said the Lord.
Therefore, my servant, it is My will that you charge my servants upon whom I have made you a leader, and the captain to preach my word in season and out of season because this is one of the reasons why there are exodus out of My Church, said the Lord.
Of a truth, I have spoken severally as touching evangelism; My servant, look and behold the fire of evangelism is being extinguished and the position of evangelism has been taken over by activities that is not profitable unto me.  It will be my will that you discussed as a Council and also put measures in place to monitor and supervise; for this is some of the accomplishments I am expecting from you, and the major reasons why I keep you strong and alive, said the Lord.
For I need to inform you that the day is far spent and there are more to be done. For there are thick clouds, as I have spoken unto you.
Thus said the Lord, my coming is drawing near and that is why the peace and tranquility expected in your world today cannot be feasible as you want it and as you are praying about it.
For I have seen plans which have been destabilizing because of My Children; plans to massacre the wealthy the rich and the middle class.
Your environment is no longer save for there are mixed multitude hiding and waiting for action.
Therefore, announce to all my children to draw near unto me for I heard a voice in Ramah lamentation, bitter weeping for Rachel weeping; and refused to be comforted, because all their hope is destroyed.
Let there be information across your jurisdiction that those classes of people should find their way into this Holy ground, they will pray for themselves and for their generation coming after them.
They will also make a covenant before me, to serve me and to work for me.
An arrangement should be made to pray for them and to guide them for its not My will that the covenant of protection and preservation that I have made for my children be destabilized said the Lord.
It is My will that you should also pray for the Theological Seminary in Jos, for there are plan to attack them.
They have been looking for means to have representative among them. Destabilize the plans, and let their planner be converted unto Me; pray, said the Lord.
My servant, there is a spy that is opening your secret to those who will slow down your progress; for this I say, to let them know that what is happening around you is not natural, but I will work and no one can stop me. For this I do for my Name’s sake.
Therefore, let the spy repent, for I have seen beyond that which he is planning.
I am the Owner of my Church and I will rule and no one can delay what I have planned to do. I am He that has called you thus said the Lord God of hosts

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, fulfill Your Words unto me as I obey You henceforth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have A Fulfilled Thursday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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