Christ Teaching On The Mount About The Kingdom [3]

Wednesday 4th September 2019 Prayer Devotion

Scripture Reading:- Matthew 5:1-13

Topic:- Christ Teaching On The Mount About The Kingdom [3]

Text:- Matthew 5:13

A. The Salt Of The Earth:
1. As a Kingdom citizen, you are a salt of the earth. As a salt of the earth, wherever you are you impart flavour and spice it up. Because salt is a preservative you are also a preservative of that which is good. You are a preservative of the values and the dignity of the creation of God.
2. Salt is also used for cleaning, shinning and polishing tarnished copper or brass therefore wherever you are, your presence there brightens the atmosphere and brings joy to the environment. Any heaviness there must disappear as soon as you appear and the atmosphere brightened.
3. Salt is sometimes used to keep fruits from changing colour or degrading therefore as a salt wherever you are, you preserve the good atmosphere in the place.
4. Salt when sprayed on the leaves and stems of some trees can be used to kill some types of poison attacking the tree. Therefore as a salt of the earth, whatever type of poison the enemy may be using to attack you will be nullified and made of no effect.
5. Where an environment has a lot of flies or fleas’ salt may be used to repel them. So it is in the spiritual realm those spiritual teething fleas will be repelled by your presence in a place. For clothes and other fabrics salt can be used to keep the colour from fading or degrading, therefore as a salt you are meant to keep the atmosphere in your environment or anywhere you are from degrading.
6. Salt is used for cleaning grease, oil, or fat and other things that stick to containers therefore wherever you are, the sticky impurities around you will be cleaned off by your presence.
7. Salt is used for highway maintenance during the winter months when the highways are frozen with ice by spreading salt on the ice so as to stop the road from being slippery therefore as a salt, your feet cannot slip and you will not fall for the slippery tarrain will be made firm. You are meant to stabilize situations in every place where you are and in the surrounding environment.
8. You are the salt of the earth. Salt is something used for killing weeds and even trees that we do not want therefore, wherever you are every tree of sorrow or weeds that pollute the good God-given green pasture will be killed off at your appearance.
9. Salt is used to keep glass windows and windshields of cars free of frost so as to give a clear view of the surroundings therefore, wherever you are all veils and covering that will not allow you to see clearly are put off to give you a clear view of the way that you should follow. After all, He has said that He would show you the way that you should go.
Salt is used to extinguish grease fire, therefore as a salt wherever you are, you are supposed to act as a reconciliatory putting out fires of anger and resentment among the people.
10. Salt relieves the pain of bee stings and bug bites. As a salt of the earth therefore, wherever you are, you are empowered to get rid of the pains, aches and agony that the people may be going through in various areas of their life.
11. Salt is used to keep milk and cream fresh longer; it is also used to keep meat from decaying. Therefore as a salt you are supposed to keep the milk as well as the meat of the Word of God fresh in your heart.
12. Salt is used to speed up in the cooking time of some things; so are you as the salt of the earth empowered to speed up the assimilation of the Word of God.
13. When scrubbed on the skin, salt can be used to remove dead skin particles and boost blood circulation. Therefore as a salt of the earth you are supposed to be reactivating and spicing up your life and other people’s lives spiritually.
14. When sprinkled on oven spills salt can be used to prevent them from hardening. Similarly, as a salt of the earth, when you come into contact with sin or uncleanliness, it will not be able to stick to you and remain permanently on you.
15. Salt can be used to clean iron’s metal soleplate, to scrub off burnt milk and to clean or remove stains of red wine spill on a white carpet. Therefore as a salt of the earth, you are empowered to clean all stains of sins and all forms of unrighteousness as well as remove all blemishes due to curses not only in your life but in other people’s life.

Prayer Point:- Oh Lord God, make me the salt of the earth indeed, as sweetened those I come in contact with henceforth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Happy Mid-Week!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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