Biography Of Pastor Isaiah Ghele Sakpo [3]

Thursday 20th June 2019 Prayer Devotion

Scripture Reading:- Number 23

Topic:- Biography Of Pastor Isaiah Ghele Sakpo [3]

Text:- Proverbs 22:29

His Contribution To Education:Sakpo contributed to the development of Education in The Apostolic Church of Nigeria. He was a Co-Founder of The Apostolic Church Primary School in 1955 and The Apostolic Church Grammar School, Orishigun, in 1964, which were the First Educational Institutions of The Apostolic Church in Nigeria.
These opened the way for other Schools later established by the Church, including The Apostolic Church Secondary Schools in Modakeke and Ogbomosho.
Sakpo was also instrumental to the establishment of The Apostolic Church Teachers’ Training College and the LAWNA Territorial Bible College, both in Ilesha. He was committed to seeing the Accreditation of the Bible College, and he worked hard to help the Authority to attain this goal.

Sakpo wanted the College to be one of the finest in the world, and the students to attain spiritual, academic, and moral excellence so that they could be good Ambassadors of the Church wherever they went. He saw that financial assistance and grants to these Institutions were given promptly. Sakpo’s books were used by Students in many courses and contributed to their understanding of the Vision of The Apostolic Church.
Sakpo played a prominent role in the birth of The Apostolic Church Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria (TACSFON) in 1978, and helped guide it to maturity. He identified himself with this Movement, often saying, “I am also a TACSFONITE, because I am a Student of the Bible,” emphasizing that anybody who was still studying the Bible was an eligible member of TACSFON.

Contributions To The Growth And Expansion Of LAWNA:
As LAWNA chairman in charge of the Churches in the Southwest and Northern Areas of Nigeria, Sakpo inherited Thirteen Areas from the First LAWNA Chairman, Pastor S. G. Adegboyega. During his tenure as Chairman, the Church witnessed great expansion both in the quantity and quality of its Assemblies. Additional local Assemblies were established, and more Sections, Districts, and Areas were created for Administrative Ease. By the time he left Office, the Thirteen Areas he inherited had increased to Thirty-Six.
Missionary Fields were also established in Africa and the Western World during his tenure as the head of LAWNA. He inherited Three Fields–the Republic of Sierra Leone, Togo, and Benin,–and added another three–the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, and the United States of America. On Sunday, August 1, 1982.
He inaugurated The Apostolic Church LAWNA Evangelical Defense Force (TACLEDEF), a movement in the Church whose task was to promote and mobilize Members for Evangelism, Prayer, and other spiritual activities.
In August 1957, Sakpo received a Prophecy about the Building of a National Temple for The Apostolic Church Nigeria. The foundation-laying ceremony for the project took place during his leadership of LAWNA.
Pilgrimage To Jerusalem:

Sakpo led groups of Apostolic Church Members on Pilgrimage trips to the Holy Land in 1953, 1977, 1983, and 1984. The 1983 Pilgrimage was unique because the First Apostolic World Convention was held in Jerusalem in September of that year. As Vice President of The Apostolic Church in Nigeria, Sakpo led the LAWNA Territorial contingent of about 250 delegates.
Immediately after the Convention, Leaders of The Apostolic Church from all Nations of the World were involved in the Third World Apostolic Conference. Other members included: Pastors A.M.O. Oshinowo, Z. A. Alabi, S. A Oduntan, T.D.O. Ayunke and A.A. Akinde. At the Conference, Sakpo was asked to deliver a special address on “Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage.” Afterward there were many requests for the address, so it was published as a Booklet.

Prayer Point:-
Oh Lord God, help me to fulfill my God’s destiny, vision and dream henceforth by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Have A Glorious Thursday!

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Timothy Ogundele-Jesu

Pastor Tim Ogundele_Jesu is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an apostle by the grace of God. He has been used by God prominently in the area of salvation, healing, blessing, and especially deliverance.

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